Jackandjill 3some Half-Korean Babe Daisy

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Description: This is Daisy's first ever FFM threesome. I (Jill) make a small cameo in the beginning to help the guests get settled in. This is Lillyy's last co-host weekend and Daisy is a cam friend of Lillyy's. Daisy is half Korean, has had relationships with both men and women, but has not had sex in 4 years! Though she appears shy and soft spoken you can see gets more comfortable as the show goes on. Public show includes lots of hot lesbian kissing with Lillyy and Daisy, Daisy gives a tour of her tattoos, the ladies undress eachother and then Lillyy and Jack introduce her to the blind-fold, massage table, hot wax candle and tip activated vibrator. They get Jack's pants off and give him a handjob. Private show includes POV double oral on Jack, then Jack has sex with Daisy first: missionary, side-doggie, riding, side-saddle (squirts first time ever during sex!) Lillyy has sex: side-missionary, doggie, missionary, Jack cums on Lillyy's pussy. Lots of hot 2nd angles featured in this show, not seen in the live version.